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Why life hedge properties

We concentrate solely on residency and citizenship through investment. We are specializing in real estate acquisitions and property management for our visa clients.. We do have exclusive experience in acquiring permanent residency and successful investments in Santa Catarina of Brazil. We have advised investors from many countries worldwide, including the USA, EU countries, Switzerland, Australia who have selected Santa Catarina due to their diligence analysis of the world affairs.



There are more than 15 economic residency programs to choose from around the world. We offer what we consider to be  on of the best main citizenship and residency investment programs out there especially because of the potential to grow your investment money.




Our goal is not just on advice and processing like many legal companies. Our background is investment and we have over 10 years experience advising international clients investing in this region.




Alinda Invest  Ltd.  is a EU registered investment company. We file annual accounts and we are transparent with our financial affairs as required by the Companies Act. We are not based in any tax haven or loosely regulated companies regime. All our client agreements are conducted under EU  law benefitting our clients and their protection.    




We have established a steady personal presence in Santa Catarina especially with  the purpose to know the region and to assist you better. We are close to the programs we offer and, what is especially important, close to the investments we offer.. We have 10 years experience operating here where there are many attractive real estate investment opportunities to support successful investment as a result of your permanent visa programme.. The second passport programme of Brazil is attractive because of numerous reasons.


We are dealing with many High Profile, High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth investors from around the globe. We understand their needs and concerns and we understand the nature and confidentiality of any information we are party to. Upon your wish we sill sign an additional Confidentiality Agreement between us.




We aim to be the most competitive company among the best of companies in this sector. Our advisory and processing costs may be slightly higher than our competitors but we are determined to give you a lot back by increasing your investment value through our unique innovative approach.