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My story

I made my world analysis (geopolitics, climate etc.) approximately 10 years ago, ended up with a „doom porn” a la Zerohedge. Started looking for „safe havens”. I thought of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil as South America coutries as one of the very few places and I went there to search for my region of strategic relocation. I gave myself a 3 week vacation and went to Sout America. To make a long story short – I did not find what I was looking for in Argentina, I did not find it in Uruguay and I had just 5 days left of my vacation. I do admit that I could not search all regions ....  So I asked the reception girls of my hotel in Montevideo, where should I go in Brazil. They told me Santa Catarina, Florianopolis. I trusted their advice and when I got out of the plane in Florianopolis, I sensed that their suggestion has been a good one.


  • Brazil is the fifth largest country and sixth largest economy in the world!

  • Fifth place in the sustainable growth index, according to the UN

  • It is the world's third largest food exporter

  • Democratic country with freedom and political stability

  • International mobility +146 visa-free countries, including the UK and the EU Schengen zone

  • Active encouragement and incentives for foreign investments

  • You can own 100% of land and property

  • It is possible to gain Brazilian citizenship without residing in the country.

  • Full citizenship for investor and for family 

  • Real Estate Investment from  $150,000+ is lower than most economic residency programs

  • Citizenship & Passport

  • Bring your personal belongings Tax Free