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Rural Property: pasture lot with 24 hectares bordering a river

Remote Paradise with springs, amazing gentle slopes in Anitápolis, SC

This is a privileged area of the world, first of all is the countryside of Santa Catarina, safe, quiet and provided with all natural resources for a quality of life living off-grid.

The land faces Northeast with a gentle slope of mix areas of pasture, native forest, two streams of clean water and ends in the Rio do Meio River, as it can be seen in the video.


The terrain has a total physical size of 24.000,00 m². It is a rural property without constructions, located in Rio do Meio, municipality of Anitápolis, State of Santa Catarina. It is located at a secluded, idyllic place, near a mountain range and offers tranquility, yet excellent access due to Santa Catarina´s in general good infrastructure. The area has a relatively cold/temperate climate. Another notable characteristics of this region is the abundance of water and the high rainfall.

The property is excellently suited for nature-related and ecological developments, like eco-pousadas, residences or ecological farms/fazendas.

  • Address

Estrada Geral Rio Rio do Meio, s/n.

CEP: 88475-000

Rio do Meio – Anitápolis/SC

Geographical Coordinates:  27°57'48.40"S  49°11'23.57"W

  • Anitápolis and Surroundings

Anitápolis is a small rural municipality located in the territory of the Encostas da Serra Geral, the main ecological corridor between São Joaquim National Park and Serra do Tabuleiro State Park. With a population of  3232 inhabitants, it has one of the lowest demographic densities of the state of Santa Catarina: 15,2 inhab / km²