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Caneleira valley land

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This lot is located in an amazing valley in the region of Bom Retiro, State of Santa Catarina. Its location is particular special here because of the many springs in the area, araucaria trees, protected in the back by the mountains and facing directly North. Also, it stays 65 km from Urupema, the coldest region in Brazil(The year average temperature there is 13°C and winter temperature there has reached - 6,3°C.)

This lot will offer you total privacy from neighbors, long views to the mountains and very quiet environment. Water will be taken directly from the spring above the lot, which comes from the second largest aquifer in the world, the Guarani Aquifer. With Permaculture Design, the lot has fruit trees, Araucaria(Brazilian pine) tree, Bracatinga Trees, Erva-Mate and many other different trees. The reason is this is a Mata Atlântica Forest, the owner of the greatest biodiversity in the world.

Measuring 2 hectares, it fits perfectly all infrastructure to create a Life Hedge Property, providing food, water, good living space and holistic harmony.

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