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unplugged lifestyle

Living so close to Nature will make you healthier and able to enjoy 'unplugged  moments with your family and friends

Imagine a lifestyle where you can live totally in peace with Nature, hearing nothing else, but the forest around you…

Stunning beauty and Life Supporting energy. Privacy and Security, Clean Spring Water, Organic Clean Food... 

Usually, these remote places doesn’t offer too much comfort neither structure for living. That’s why we are here to provide you the land with all equipments, tools and knowledge for you to be secluded and live 100% unplugged from society, living on your self-sufficient Life Hedge Property.

We are a company dedicated to provide our clients the best available lands in the region, regarding privacy, water and all our strict criterea for a fullfilling life in Nature. All our know-how about landscaping, fencing, local ecosystem and natural buildings will make you save a lot of energy when developing your property.

Having all our support, you will be able to enjoy your new life style with no concerns about the land. You will be close to one of the most stunning regions on earth. Seated on the Guarani Aquifer, this region has several waterfalls and tour options for all kinds of taste. You will be a few hours from the coastline of Santa Catarina, which enables you to be in a remote and awesome beach at any time you want! 

Considering the location, so remote and at the same time, not so far from beaches and National Parks, our properties are all unique opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest and soon they will be gone. So, buy yours now.