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life hedge properties

World famous investor Doug Casey has coined the term Life Hedge Property. This can be

defined as a rural property which is relatively protected and will support a good

living standard while providing you with the most essential (FEW) resources – Food, Energy,

Water. To find a life hedge property you have to find a life hedge region first. No country

qualifies as a life hedge anymore, frankly, there is no perfect country in the world – mostly,

criminal and stupid governments are the problem. To find a real life hedge region is by no means easy – not so many of such places left.

It is about property, about land, the ultimate asset! Especially in times of crisis

Gold, livestock, timber, food, oil, water, metals etc, etc...where do these all come from? Where do all things of value originate? Land. Who owns it, who controls it, and who does not. From the primitive wars over turf, to the feudal overlords, to the current day and all days beyond. If you have land you have the ability to create, store and accumulate, the raw materials to build and sustain. Without land you only have a finite store of goods that came from somebody else's land and is housed on somebody else's land. It is the primary, and ultimate, form of wealth. This has not changed since feudal times. Contact us and secure your fertile land property, with water and energy potential.