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Santa catarina, europe of brazil

Although many countries offer economic citizenship programs, not so many are worth considering. After doing our due diligence, we have concentrated exclusively to Santa Catarina of Brazil because we consider it to be one of the best choices you may have. Our focus will enable us to give you not only your permanent visa and the second passport but also the best ROI possible while securing for you one of the best strategic relocation spots on earth. Visa process is a technical one and all companies which advertise this can highly likely deliver, however, 

our focus is on growing your money which you need to invest for this visa process.

Moreover, if you would really like to move here, you could have an amazing lifestyle which this region does offer and if you have European background, you will fit right in – strong German heritage, Octoberfest culture, 

European looking cities and even landscape.

Southern part of Brazil can be called Europe of Brazil because of massive cultural heritage by immigrants of various European countries. Some small cities still have entrance signs in German, Italians, Latvians, Ukrainians and others. These people knew where to go. This region is so different that you could say it is a different country and there is even separatist movement, ''the South is My Country (Portuguese: O Sul é o Meu País)'', which claims the independence of Brazil's South Region. Its defenders allege that the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul have particular and distinct characteristics from the rest of Brazil, and thus they claim the right to political, economic, social and cultural self-determination. This region is also famous for having towns where most of the population belongs to a single main ancestry thanks to the settlement program with European colonists.

Here are a few examples of such towns in the Southern region:


Some southern Brazilian towns with a notable main ancestry:



Nova Veneza      Santa Catarina         Italian            95%

Pomerode         Santa Catarina          German         90%

Prudentópolis       Paraná                 Ukrainian        70%

Treze Tílias         Santa Catarina        Austrian        60%

Dom FelicianoRio Grande do Sul          Polish             90%



We concentrate on these states and mainly on Santa Catarina, which is the best state in Brazil, hands down. 

Santa Catarina has more than 300 km of coastline with tens of amazing beaches. Floripa (for short) alone has more than 40 beaches. This coastline is a protection zone for Baleia Franca – Right Whale. The southern right whale(Eubalaena australis) is a baleen whale, one of three species classified as right whales belonging to the genus Eubalaena. The State of Santa Catarina hosts a concentration of breeding and calving right whales from June to November. No sharks or other dangerous water animals in these waters. Beaches of Santa Catarina are favourite summer vacation spots of Brazilians from all around of Brazil and also for tourists from Uruguay and Argentina.












Stunningly beautiful and diverse. This mountain region is not so well known. Only 2.5 hours drive from the coast and you are more than 1000m above the sea level. The Highlands, Serra Catarinense.  A lot of food - everything grows and fast. Amazing variety of edible and herbal plants. Energy - a lot of biomass, micro-hydro and solar. Water - the region sits on a top of Guarani, the largest known aquifer system in the world. Portal of springs, 5 Brazilian rivers start here. Subtropical, more agreeable climate. Consider having four seasons a privilege. In the mountains, it can even snow sometimes but just for a few days. No skiing, unfortunately.

So beautiful, with amazing life-supporting energy, I would call it divine, God just will not make land like this any more!

Oh, and NO earthquakes, NO volcanoes, NO tornadoes, NO hurricanes. NO tsunamis... Need I say more? 

Town name            State        Main ancestry     Percentage