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Our AgraFutura team will make the best project for your land and implement techniques of biodynamic agriculture and permaculture principles

''The best investment in times of crisis is to buy a good farm''.   Porter Stansberry


We develop rural properties as an income generating productive assets by giving them permaculture food forest and living pharmacy food carrying capacity according to our AgraFutura landscaping (foodscaping) principles. 


AGRAFUTURA - a Trendsetting Scalable Model of High Performance Biodynamic Permaculture Food Parks in Santa Catarina




Current dominant agricultural model is highly disruptive to environment and to human health (pesticides and artificial fertilizers, food preservatives). Despite of high energy investments, farmers and food producers routinely harvest only about 10 to 15 percent of the inherent genetic capacity of any given crop. However, by optimizing soil composition and nutrient application, garden yield can be increased considerably while working without harmful chemicals. High-performance agriculture is one of my new passions, which is turning into something of a second career - to learn and understand how to optimize plant growth and the environment. Our goal is to develop a state of the art profitable model - how to maximize the time, effort, and energy invested in growing a permaculture garden. We do need to change this destructive agricultural model rapidly. It needs to be both regenerative and decentralized at the same time. We're chewing through earth’s soils at an enormous rate. There is a major new trend in world agriculture - organic clean food production. We use polyculture intercropping companion planting principles by selecting the best combination of the most suitable plants according to regional soil, flora, fauna, climate characteristics to make our farms income generating and beautiful assets. In these farms, pests can be managed naturally and we use no poisons nor artificial fertilizers, all production is totally organic. Most plants in fact have FAR greater yield potential than what conventional agricultural practices are capable of producing. 


High-performance agriculture, as defined by Kempf, is providing plants with the environment and the nutrition they need to allow them to express their inherent genetic potential. This is a key concept, because you’re not really altering a plant’s yield by supplying it with better nutrition. All you’re doing is allowing the plant’s inherent yield potential to be fully expressed. Based on local condition, the best crops/companion plants can be found to maximise yields and profits for each specific regions. This current Micro Farming model is immediately scalable for Southern Brazil, but its basic principles are usable worldwide. High-Performance Farming can be also highly profitable – Yields can be increased 6-8 Times.


We cooperate with world-famous permaculture experts (such as Dale Millard), who have a profound knowledge of local vegetation and expertize for creating such edible permaculture landscapes. Edible landscape of AlindaTerra will look beautiful and will be able to grow valuable edible and herbal plants, therefore increasing greatly the esthetic price/value of the development. We aim to make AlindaTerra as the first example – Silicon Valley of organic permaculture food park - in Brazil and serve as a demo model for future developments. The potential is enormous.

What is important to know for you as an investor – we are highly capable to deliver on our promises. You do also know that nothing is for granted and force majeure conditions such as unexpected draughts, floods etc. do exist. However, by careful selection of our properties which all have independent natural water supplies, we are as much protected against these problems as one can possibly be.